Our Dream

Dream Duffel, LLC was founded in 2008 out of frustration over a lack of products designed for dancers to travel to competitions. We would see young competitors and their parents struggling to carry garment bags, rolling suitcases, chairs, makeup cases, and yoga mats into dance competitions. In addition, many of the competition venues have nowhere to hang costumes. We realized, there had to be a better way.

With a growing wish list, we took the best of the "make-do" solutions, added our own ingenuity, and came up with the Dream Duffel®. The Dream Duffel has everything a competitor needs, plus a design that is so simple, even a young child can set it up on his or her own. Since the introduction of the Dream Duffel in the fall of 2008, our company has released other competition accessories and products.

Competitors in skate, pageants, cheer, twirling, equestrian, and more have discovered that the features that make the Dream Duffel and Dream Duffel accessories the ultimate competition products for dance are also ideal for traveling to their competitions.

Our Dream Duffel team consists of former dancers, skaters, and pageant participants; along with dance moms, dance dads, and dance instructors. This team is dedicated to providing products to eliminate the unnecessary stress, strain, and tears from your competitor, so you can relax and enjoy the show!