How many costumes will the Dream Duffel hold?

The Large Dream Duffel will hold approximately 10 to 15 costumes.
The Medium Dream Duffel will hold approximately 6 to 9 costumes.
The Small Dream Duffel will hold approximately 1 to 5 costumes.
The Carry-On Dream Duffel will hold approximately 1 to 3 costumes.

Can the Dream Duffel be customized for my child, studio, or organization?

Yes. Regular Black and Limited Edition Dream Duffels come with TWO blank patches (Located on the top flap of the Dream Duffel and on the back Folding Stool Pocket). Silver Edition Dream Duffels only come with ONE blank patch (Located on the back Folding Stool Pocket). If you would like both patches personalized, you will need to add 2 Patch Personalizations to your order. There is an additional fee of $15 per patch for the embroidery service. Personalization is not available on the Carry-On Dream Duffel.

If you have a studio or school logo you'd like to show off, Dream Duffel can work with you to get your logo embroidery-ready and make it available to your team members for purchase! If your studio or school has already worked with us to set-up your logo, you will see it available for purchase under Patch - Studio/School Logo. If you do not see your studio's logo as an option and would like one, please have your studio owner contact Dream Duffel at 877-378-1260 for more information.

What is a Limited Edition Dream Duffel?

Limited Edition Dream Duffels are Dream Duffels that have the same functional features as a Black Dream Duffel, but also feature a color pattern printed on the exterior of the bag. Limited Edition patterns are just as they sound; limited. We carry each pattern in limited quantities and for a short period of time. Once we are sold out of a color/size/pattern we will not be getting more (unless otherwise stated on that product).

How often are new Limited Edition patterns introduced?

We typically introduce three new patterns a year (Holiday Season, Competition Season, and Summer).  When introducing a new Limited Edition, we announce its pattern, colors, and expected arrival date on our website, in our newsletter, and through our social media channels.

Why is there a limit on the number of costumes to be used with the Releve Extension?

First off, it isn't really a "limit," but more of a recommendation! Our Releve Extension IS compatible with all sizes of our Dream Duffel. However, we do not recommend using the Releve Extension with more than approximately 10 costumes on the garment rack, to prevent the Duffel from becoming top-heavy, and tipping over! As long as you maintain some weight in the bottom of the Duffel, you won't experience that issue!

Do you offer discounts for group orders?

ABSOLUTELY!  We offer discounts on orders of 5 or more duffels.  When you purchase 5 duffels, you receive 6% off your entire order.  The more duffels you add, the higher that percentage goes!  These can be any combination of size and style. We also offer discounts for large order (50+) garment bags. Discounted prices vary dependent on style. For more information or to place a group order, please call our customer service department at 877-378-1260 or send an email to nan@dreamduffel.com.

Do you accept pre-orders?

We do not accept pre-orders for any of our products. When we receive inventory from our manufacturer, everything still needs to be inspected for functionality and cosmetic integrity. Inevitably there will be items that do not pass inspection. Because of this, we do need to wait until a product is in our warehouse and has gone through the inspection process before taking orders in order to maintain a proper count for availability.

What are my shipping options/costs?

For U.S. deliveries, we do not charge for standard ground transportation on orders over $75.00.  Orders under 75$ are eligible for Flat Rate shipping.  Your package may be delivered by UPS or USPS. Travel time varies by location so we ask that you allow for 1-2 weeks for delivery from the time your order is placed. While it can, and most often will, arrive sooner than the 2-week maximum, we cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date with this shipping option. 

For Canadian deliveries, Canadian Standard shipping is calculated based on shipment dimensional weight and destination. Canada Customs assesses and collects tariffs. Imports from the U.S. are assessed at the Most-Favored Nation rate. As the importer, Dream Duffel, LLC is responsible for clearance of your order through Canadian Customs. Dream Duffel pays Brokerage Fees. Tax is collected at checkout. Any tariffs or duties that apply are the responsibility of the customer, who will be notified regarding pre-pay tariff options.

Expedited shipping is available for both U.S. and Canadian orders. These prices will calculate specifically for your delivery zip code/postal code during checkout. Please be aware that the cost for shipping is based on dimensional weight and can be extremely pricey for a Dream Duffel. This pricing is set by UPS, not Dream Duffel, LLC. Please see our Terms & Conditions for complete shipping information.

Do you ship internationally?

Dream Duffel currently only ships within the United States (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories) and Canada. For additional international sales, we also have distributors in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom who would be happy to help with your purchase. Please refer to their individual websites (all linked from our homepage) for inventory availability and cost.

Are there logos on your shipping boxes?

Yes. Please be aware that our products are shipped in boxes that have our company logo printed on the outside. If purchasing as a gift, you may want to consider shipping to another address (friend, neighbor, or relative) to keep the gift a secret. If this is not an option, please make note of the gift in the 'Order Comments' section during checkout. We will do our best to help and cover up the logos on the box's exterior.

My duffel is too big (or too small). Can I return it?

We accept returns within 90 days of the original purchase date, as long as the product has not been used and remain resalable. Please refer to our Return Policy under our Terms & Conditions for more information.

My duffel has lost or broken parts. Do you sell them?

Certainly! We sell replacement parts on our website and have tutorial videos to assist in any repairs. You can find all available replacement parts under 'Duffels' in our main shopping menu.

What is the California Prop 65 warning on some products offered by Dream Duffel?

First off, don't panic. This warning is required by law in California. Let's explain. The warning you saw is required by the State of California Proposition 65 law. These warnings are everywhere in California, from consumer products to food to tourist attractions, including Disneyland! Some of Dream Duffel's products may contain one or more of the chemicals from the Prop 65 list. The California Prop 65 law has much more strict guidelines than other governing bodies including the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, which means products must have this warning even if the level of chemicals in it pose minimal risk to human health. To even further reduce or eliminate risk, just be smart with the labeled products. Don't store unsealed food items in them and avoid any oral contact. Not that you would, anyway!

What are Dream Duffel trademarks?

The Dream Duffel, The Attitude, Turn Perfect, Pointe Perfect, and Releve Extension are registered trademarks of Dream Duffel LLC. Stage Perfect is a trademark of Dream Duffel, LLC.


Factory Second FAQs

What are Factory Seconds?

Factory Seconds are NEW Dream Duffels that have minor cosmetic flaws or blemishes. These defects purely deal with the looks of the bag. Everything is fully functional in terms of the wheels, pull-handles, zippers and racks. We do not specifically order Factory Second bags from our manufacturer. However, it is inevitable that a few products will encounter a deviation from our production pattern, creating the flaws. Because there are no problems with functionality, and they work just as a new duffel should, we do make the bags available for purchase albeit at a reduced rate.

Which styles of Dream Duffels are available as Factory Seconds?

All sizes and patterns could potentially be available as a Factory Second. This does not mean all sizes and patterns will be available every week. The inventory numbers depend on the deliveries we receive the weeks prior. Any items that are available will have an active 'Add To Cart’ button within the product description. If the item says ‘Out of Stock’ or is not listed on the Factory Seconds page, none are available that week. 

Where are Factory Seconds listed on the website?

Factory Second products are located on a separate page of our website. Click 'Dream Duffels' from the top menu bar and select 'Factory Seconds' to be directed to this page. Any items that are available will have an active ‘Add To Cart’ button within the product description. If the item says ‘Out of Stock’ or is not listed on the Factory Seconds page, none are available that week.

What are some example of the Factory Second 'Flaws or Blemishes'?

Specific flaws vary from duffel to duffel and one is not more common than another. Some examples of these flaws include a snag in the outer fabric, a small hole in an inner mesh pocket, a small tear in the inner lining, a few loose threads in the embroidered logo, a smudge in the paint of a limited edition, a small dent in the top bar, etc. Most of the time, the flaw is unnoticeable. If the flaw is repairable, we do repair it. (i.e. glue down loose threads in the logo or patch up tears in the inner lining).

Do you tell me what the flaw is on my Factory Second prior to purchase?

Because the flaws vary so much from bag to bag, we do not list the defects individually for you to choose from.

When will you have more Factory Seconds?

As we do not order defective bags from our manufacturer, there is no way to predict which exact products will be available when. As we receive deliveries of our products, they go through inspection in our warehouse. The ones that we find that have the cosmetic flaws to qualify as Factory Seconds are set aside until the next upcoming event. Every Wednesday morning, we take a final inventory count of all Factory Second products and make them available at the same time at 9:00 AM CST. 

To help regulate availability, Factory Seconds are only posted every Wednesday at 9 AM Central Standard Time (CST). 

How do I purchase a Factory Second?

To order, go to the Factory Seconds page of our website and add the item to your cart. You will be given an allotted amount of time to complete your order before the product is released back into inventory.  At this time, phone orders and walk-ins for Factory Seconds WILL NOT be accepted. 

Tip: Factory Seconds are FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED and can last only a few minutes/hours after the initial posting of inventory, especially during busy times around the holidays and competition season. We highly encourage logging onto the website as close to 9AM CST for your best chance at securing a Factory Second duffel. 

Can I exchange a factory Second for another if I do not like the flaw?

All Factory Second sales are final.

What if there is a functional issue with the Duffel I receive?

Factory Seconds are covered under our manufacturer's warranty. Should a mechanical issue arise, please reach out to us at 877-378-1260 so we can work to resolve the issue.

Can I place an order for a Factory Second over the phone?

To ensure a universally fair opportunity to purchase a Factory Second duffel, duffels are only available through our online store. Phone orders and walk-ins will not be accepted.