Dream Duffel DANCEKIT

Our Dream Duffel DANCEKITTM features necessary "just in case" items for any unexpected moments!

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Have you ever experienced that moment of panic when you realize you've forgotten that one important item? As Dream Duffel likes to say - Be Smart. Be Organized. Be Ready.  Avoid those "uh oh" moments with a dance emergency kit, made exclusively for Dream Duffel!  Have all the essentials on hand... just in case!

Size: 7.5" x 6.75" x 2.5"


·  Hairspray
·  Clear Nail Polish
·  Lip Gloss
·  Adhesive Bandages
·  Hair Elastics
·  Bobby Pins
·  Safety Pins

Have some of your own kit necessities? No problem! Our Dream Duffel DANCEKIT comes with a zipper compartment to hold your own items!